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Usually, when I'm creating a design, I like to keep in mind that brands are a lot like people: they have a clear personality, a voice, and a message that they want people to hear. Also, behind the brand, there is a person that cares a lot about how this brand is going to be seen in the world.

This custom logo design project is designed for people who are looking for clean, modern, and elegant branding, and expect a little bit more than just a logo design.

Here's how the custom logo service works:

I will send you a questionnaire 24 hours after your order, with questions about your brand and your expectations for the logo design. After that, I will get to work designing a logo concept based on the answers you’ve completed in your questionnaire. Within 7 days, I will send you a brand board to make sure I got the idea.

This brand board includes:

  • 1 Main Logo
  • Color Palette with Color Codes (These codes are important for future branding purposes + web design. There codes can be used to help keep your brand cohesive.)
  • Imagery (A preview of what your design element)
  • Typography (Names of any fonts used that are not handwritten)
  • Reference Photography (3 images that set the mood)

Aftee you approve the mood board, via email. If you want to make changes, you can request as many revisions to the logo design as you want.

After you approve the preview, I will send the final files via dropbox transfer, 24 hours after your approval.



You can make cancellations at any time. Please keep in mind that any payment made may not be refundable, depending on how much work was done on my end. Refunds may be offered at a portion of what was paid, if the project was not completed, but was started.


Reminder: this is a new logo design, made to order just for you and your needs, not a premade one. :)

The logo CAN include an icon design, with a handmade or geometric illustration, it doesn't have to be just typography, that's totally up to you and what your brand needs.

If you have any doubts, please reach out to me via email or Instagram @melodyjeffriesdesign

I know that the design process can be scary, especially online like this one, so don't hesitate to ask me questions, I love talking about it! Creating the brand identity for small businesses and people who are working with something they love is AMAZING and I'm thrilled to be able to work in this field. Let me know if you need help. :)

Here's more about me: