Hey there! My name is Melody! The creative mind & talent behind the designs and illustrations.

I like to think of myself as…

A coffee connoisseur.

A homebody that loves social interaction.

A wannabe plant lady. 


A professional doodler.

When I’m not creating beautiful masterpieces behind my desk (or snuggled up under a fuzzy blanket with iPad in hand), I am chasing my crazy little boys around & juggling all of life’s moments of motherhood.

This amazing small business of mine has grown beyond anything I could ever dream of & I am so blessed to be working with many of you to help make your visual dreams come true as well!

My design style is the perfect combination of a minimal, bold & boho look; with warm & muted color palettes to play up and accessorize a design.

DON’T LET THAT FOOL YOU! With a very eclectic taste and talent, I have an eye for many different styles and colors.

From small business branding to book cover illustration, your final masterpiece will not only tell a story, but leave a lasting impression for years to come!